Water and Coastal Management (Erasmus Mundus Masters Program)

Italy, Portugal, Spain
Training Provider(s): 
University of Bologna, University of Cadiz, and University of Algarve

Definition: The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) in WAter and COastal MAnagement WACOMA is a 2-years Master Degree/Second Cycle Degree – 120 ECTS. Tuition language: ENGLISH. The EMJMD WACOMA promotes academic excellence through the implementation of a teaching programme that aims at developing common understanding and at deepening scientific knowledge in the vital, challenging and continuously evolving field of water and coastal ecosystems. It is specifically addressed to water and coastal hazards and risks, and their interrelations with global changes and use of resources. Consistent with the percepts of management sciences, it also concerns mitigation and adaptation to changes and it deals with the relevant aspects of a sustainable green and blue economy. The WACOMA programme links natural sciences and societal challenges, focusing on biology, geology, management, law and economics, thus being both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary.