Ocean Governance

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About this Course

This online course will familiarize participants with key components of good ocean governance. As an Introduction, the course will review the governance arrangements and processes that reflect internationally accepted norms, principles, and values. It also provides basic information about relevant global- and regional-scale policy and legal frameworks as well as institutional structures relevant to the governance of Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) and their coasts.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants will understand and become familiar with:

  • Key principles of good governance;
  • The importance the role of values and ethics in supporting good governance;
  • The role and process of stakeholder engagement;
  • Approaches to sustainable finance;
  • International legal and institutional frameworks relevant to ocean governance on a global and/or regional scale;
  • The role of national and international agencies in implementing these global and regional instruments;
  • Key elements of effective governance;
  • The importance of and tools for effective communication as a component of effective governance;
  • Ways to integrate science into LME governance and assess science needs;
  • Ways to assess governance measures

Course structure

The course is structured by modules. In each module participants will have access to a valuable set of materials including readings, videos, and suggested web sites.

Additional Resources