Introduction to Marxan

On demand
Training Provider(s): 

Provider: Pacific Marine Analysis and Research Association (PacMARA)

Contact: Norma Serra, nserra [at]

Learning objective: This hands-on technical course provides participants with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to use Marxan in a marine conservation planning exercise. Using Marxan, planners can identify an efficient system of reserve sites, or any other type of spatial planning systems, that includes a suite of biodiversity or human use targets at a minimal cost. Marxan is one of the most widely used conservation planning tools, as it provides a systematic and repeatable method for designing reserve networks.

Structure and content: The following topics are covered in the Introduction to Marxan course:

  • Key concepts in systematic multi-objective planning
  • Creating the essential Marxan input files
  • Parameter setting in Marxan
  • Understanding and using Marxan results
  • Zonae Cogito (front-end software to facilitate Marxan use)
  • A brief introduction to Marxan with Zones

The course time is split between lecture (~30%) and hands-on exercises (~70%).

Target audience: Technical practitioners knowledgeable in GIS who want to learn how to use Marxan

Format: In person

Type of course: 1/2 - 4 day technical training, usually 2-3 days

Number of participants: Variable, ~25 maximum

Costs and conditions for participating: The cost per person ranges between $425 and $745. Cost vary depending on location and if participants are students or not. Please contact Norma Serra for information on cost and participation pre-requisites.

Duration: 1/2 – 4 days

Frequency: Variable

Any upcoming dates (or when available): For more information, contact Norma Serra.

Regions/countries where offered: Courses are offered anywhere in the world. Please contact Norma Serra if you wish to organize a course in your area.

Available trainers per region: Trainers travel to courses. Contact Norma Serra for trainer information.