First Nations Governance & Natural Resource Management

4 January - 8 April 2021
Training Provider(s): 
Haida Gwaii Institute

Weekly synchronous classes Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30pm to 2:00pm Pacific

This course provides an overview of Indigenous governance and natural resource management – with Haida Gwaii as a case study. Utilizing a decolonial lens we will examine the impacts of colonialism and imposed systems - with specific attention to the way in which the mechanisms of genocide, land displacement, control and assimilation were utilized in order to supersede Indigenous people’s authority. Indigenous peoples were not passive bystanders to their oppression and thus, key resistance movements will be explored. On Haida Gwaii, strategic resistance has been integral to protection of natural resources and to the assertion of Haida control. This resistance and resultant Haida control or co-management will be examined. Lastly, we will explore how decolonization and resurgence frameworks can be applied to governance and Natural resource management on Haida Gwaii.