Blue IES - Integrating Ecosystem Services into Marine and Coastal Development Planning

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Training Provider(s): 
Blue Solutions

Learning objective

The training course introduces the theoretical background of and practical steps for integrating ecosystem services into marine and coastal planning. The training focuses on the linkages between ecosystem services and development objectives, tools and methods for assessing and valuing ecosystem services. It introduces main policy options and instruments to capture ecosystem services related risks and opportunities as well as entry points for decision-making.

Target group

This training course addresses planners and policy-makers from relevant ministries and agencies (such as Ministries of the Environment, Infrastructure Development, Finance, Fisheries, Maritime Affairs, Extractive Industries etc.), as well as NGO and civil society representatives, and academics from universities and research institutes actively involved in development or sectoral planning and regulation.

Course outline

The training combines theoretical and practical elements and guides participants through a stepwise approach:

  • Defining the scope and setting the stage
  • Screening and prioritizing ecosystem services
  • Identifying ecosystem service conditions, trends and tradeoffs
  • Appraising the institutional and cultural framework
  • Preparing better decision-making
  • Implementing change


The course has a duration of 3 to 5 days and is based on a case method, which conveys teaching messages mainly through interactive practical exercises (case work). The training deals with the fictitious country Bakul, a case closely based on real-life conditions and challenges. The fictitious case allows participants to dive into a matter, free from their own work context and its biases, and reflect on the implications of the lessons learned for their “real cases”. The methodology can also be applied to a real case, yet this involves further preparation in advance of the training course in order to gather and process necessary information.
“Solutions”, successful cases curated at the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet Platform, complement the trainings by illustrating theoretical inputs and case work learning.