Behavior-Centered Design Virtual Training (Spanish-language)

26 - 29 April 2021
Training Provider(s): 
Rare Center for Behavior & the Environment

About the training

Led by the trainers of the Rare Center for Behavior and Environment, you will explore the steps of Behavior Centered Design and immerse yourself in an environmental challenge, learn about how to gain empathy with your target audience and how to connect the Research data with objective behaviors to devise and prototype solutions with your own stipulated measures of success.

In just 4 sessions and working as a team interactively, you will gain a basic understanding of the theory of behavior change with which at Rare, we design environmental solutions.

After the training and optionally, you can access 1: 1 sessions to share more with our and our trainers about your own environmental challenge and for them to guide you more on how to use the techniques and tools learned during the workshop.

Important note : To make better use of our time together, you will be assigned tasks for periods of 60 to 120 minutes prior to and during training, which will give you the opportunity to apply the theme of our sessions in real time and better process each step. of our DCC route, we ask that you reserve these individual time periods to focus and work on those workshop tasks.


Price : USD $ 240 (50% discount available for a second person from the same company / company)

Price-Non-profit organizations or Government personnel : USD $ 190 (50% discount available for a second person from your Organization / Unit)

Please contact us at behavior [at] with any questions about the cost of registration.