Marine Planning and Management Tool Compilations

Title Link to Tool Publication Yearsort descending Type of Publication Type of Tools
Tools for Coastal Climate Adaptation Planning: A guide for selecting tools to assist with ecosystem-based climate planning 2013 Report/Guide Climate change assessment and planning
Global Survey of Tools and Resources for Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Marine Ecosystems 2013 EBM Tools Network survey results Climate change assessment and planning
From Paper to Digital - The Mobile App Revolution in Fisheries 2014 EBM Toolbox column Fisheries management
Data requirements and tools to operationalize marine spatial planning in the United States 2015 Journal article Marine spatial planning
The Tools Behind Dynamic Ocean Management 2015 EBM Toolbox column Multiple/Other
Figuring Out the Economics of Coastal Climate Change Adaptation 2015 EBM Toolbox column Climate change assessment and planning
Options for Cooperation between Commercial Fishing and Offshore Wind Energy Industries: A Review of Relevant Tools and Best Practices 2015 Report/Guide Marine spatial planning
Community-Based Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation Tools: A Review of Tools and Their Applications 2015 Journal article Climate change assessment and planning
Tools for crowdsourcing data and collaborative mapping 2016 EBM Toolbox column Monitoring, Stakeholder engagement
Tools for integrating environmental objectives into policy and practice: What works where? 2016 Journal article Multiple/Other