Latest News and Resources for Ocean Planners, Part II: High Seas/Deep Sea

The Skimmer on Marine Ecosystems and Management
  • UN Prep Committee recommends start of treaty negotiations to protect high seas marine life; new treaty would update UN Convention on Law of the Sea with provisions for creating marine protected areas in areas beyond national jurisdictions [Learn more here and here]
  • Free new monthly newsletter tracks deep sea mining [Learn more here]
  • New report synthesizes last five years of ocean science research, with emphasis on high seas [Learn more here]
  • Synthesis of knowledge on deep sea invertebrates published, finds massive knowledge gaps and growing human impacts [Learn more here]
  • Effort launched to create complete global seafloor map by 2030; could lead to expanded deep sea mining [Learn more here and here]
  • Resilience of deep sea benthic fauna to mining reviewed [Learn more here]