Latest News and Resources for Ocean Planners, Part I

The Skimmer on Marine Ecosystems and Management
  • Fish expected to shrink if ocean temperatures continue to rise [Learn more here]
  • Small aquaculture "hot spots" could produce 100 times current global seafood consumption [Learn more here]
  • Sea level rise increasing faster than initial measurements indicated [Learn more here]
  • Sweden develops cumulative impacts tool to create ecosystem-based marine spatial plan [Learn more here]
  • Publication describes transferable approaches and tools from Belize integrated planning process [Learn more here and here]
  • Decision support tools for marine spatial planning reviewed and analyzed [Learn more here]
  • Researchers request input on decision support tools from marine spatial planners [Learn more here]
  • US legislators attack and defend ocean planning [Learn more here and here]
  • Deep sea photos from Tonga requested for marine spatial planning process [Learn more here]
  • South Africans provide feedback on marine spatial planning bill [Learn more here, here, here, and here]
  • Poland updates its marine spatial planning law and sees first draft of national marine spatial plan [Learn more here]
  • European Commission calls on Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, and Greece to implement MSP or risk referral to Court of Justice [Learn more here]
  • Inventory of marine spatial planning processes outside EU available [Learn more here]
  • New website maps ocean conservation funding and groups around the world [Learn more here]
  • Technical paper discusses how post-2020 EU maritime policies being developed [Learn more here]
  • Guide on primary ocean threats and trends created for ocean funders, advocates, and governments [Learn more here]
  • Award winning film explores why coral reefs around the world are disappearing [Learn more here]

And for fun, check out this map of US rivers drawn as a subway map. We look forward to the transit map of major ocean currents next!