MEAM submission guidelines

Marine Ecosystems and Management (MEAM) is a monthly newsletter on ocean planning and ecosystem-based management. The newsletter aims to serve the global community of marine planning and management professionals with important news, insightful analysis, helpful tips, and challenging points of view.

We normally assign the writing of articles of news and analysis to our editorial staff in the interest of providing a consistent style and tone for the newsletter. However, we recognize and appreciate the diversity of perspectives held by marine planning and management experts from around the world, and we welcome the use of MEAM for the sharing of these viewpoints. In particular, we look for articles that express perspectives on an issue affecting the global marine planning and management community or that relate the author's first-hand experience relevant to ocean planning and ecosystem-based management.

Manuscripts should present a clear and original thesis, not merely a topic or idea, and should be no more than 800 words in length. Please send manuscripts to meam [at] Queries are also welcome.

As our space is limited, we cannot guarantee publication; shorter manuscripts hold a higher likelihood of publication. We can also offer no payment in return for publication. If selected for publication, manuscripts will be attributed to the author. MEAM reserves the right to edit any manuscript, with author approval of edits, prior to publishing.

Thank you.

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