Tricky Trawling

Type of Game: 
Screen-based game (e.g., app, online game, software-based game)
Target Audience: 
Elementary and secondary school students


“Bubble-gum corals, skate fish and deep-sea water sponges are some of the vulnerable species children must avoid catching with their fishing nets while playing the new ‘Tricky Trawling’ game...

Inspiring children about the incredible diversity of deep-sea habitats off the coasts of West Greenland, the game – created by scientists at ZSL’s Institute of Zoology – aims to inform children about the impacts of unsustainable fishing practices such as seabed trawling in an informative but engaging way.

Casting their nets far and wide, players must attempt to catch fish out in the open ocean, while avoiding vulnerable seabed-dwelling creatures like octopus and skates in the fun game, which has a serious message behind it.

Highlighting the damage caused by bottom trawling – a specific method of fishing involving dragging a heavy net held open by ‘doors’ weighing several tons across the seabed, having limited control over what species are damaged or caught – the game demonstrates how improved technology such as upgrading fishing equipment with floating doors, can reduce negative impacts and help protect the environment.”

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