Type of Game: 
Screen-based game (e.g., app, online game, software-based game)
Target Audience: 
University and graduate students
General public

MarePolis allows players to experience the profession of a maritime space manager. During the game, players experience the creation of a European directive as well as its application to a marine natural park. The players experience the role of the management committee of a marine park, choose monitoring indicators, implement management measures, and assess the effectiveness of their actions during the game. This game allows us to understand the interweaving of multiple management instruments at different sectoral and spatial scales.

This device is a product of, with GPMax and MarePolis, the PEACAD research project which aims to represent the points of view of three actors in the accidental catch of small cetaceans in the Bay of Biscay. By putting themselves in the shoes of other actors, players better understand others’ constraints, local situations, and activities.

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Contact for game: Nicolas Becu, nicolas.becu [at]