In It Together

Type of Game: 
Tabletop game (e.g., board game, card game, printouts)
Target Audience: 
University and graduate students
General public

The In It Together game is a serious game that brings stakeholders together around a map of the San Leandro Bay Estuary (part of San Francisco Bay) to cooperatively explore adaptation strategies, weigh their tradeoffs, and achieve greater local resilience. Players represent diverse communities and agencies within the estuary, each with unique goals to build long-term resilience and meet immediate-term needs. In each round, they take turns placing adaptation pieces (e.g., living levees, tidal ponds, greenways, high-density housing) on the map, paying for these actions with in-game currency. As the rounds advance, so too does flooding, taxing players if flood waters reach unprotected buildings or infrastructure. Players can compete or collaborate to realize a win-lose outcome if they individually accomplish their goals or achieve a win-win solution if they collectively score all available ‘Collective Resilience Points.’

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