Cards Against Calamity

Type of Game: 
Tabletop game (e.g., board game, card game, printouts)
Screen-based game (e.g., app, online game, software-based game)
Target Audience: 
University and graduate students
Elementary and secondary school students
General public

Cards Against Calamity Board Game (Access the game here)

Coastal storms, marine debris, flooding, or any other possible troubles could bring economic or environmental disaster to an unprepared coastal community. “Cards Against Calamity” is a card game that teaches stakeholders about the various strategies they can use to build a more resilient community as a means of “bouncing back and building beyond.” The game is won through cooperation, not competition, requiring players to role play community members in various sectors such as Commercial Fishing, Services, Industry, and Tourism and to negotiate plans that will both strengthen their community and each other.

Digital Cards Against Calamity (Access the game here)

What would you do if your job was to manage a small coastal community besieged by job loss, irate voters, hurricanes, oil spills, and hipsters? Here’s a way to find out: boot up your laptop or tablet and check out the new “serious game,” Digital Cards Against Calamity. Cards Against Calamity is designed to be not only entertaining, but also educational by raising awareness of the issues surrounding coastal resilience, backed up by government data.

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